NUX VOMICA – EAGER FOR MONEY, sees life and exit throughout
the money he makes to buy things to make his life confortable.
Dr. Hahnemann said “nux vomica is chiefly successful with persons
of an ardent character, of an irritable impatient temperament
…disposed to anger, spite or deception”. Nux vomica is best adapted to
the thin, spare patient with an irritable and nervous temperament, with
disposition to indigestion and hemorrhoids. Quarrelsome and malicious.
Oversensitive to external impressions,noise,odors, light or music; trifling
ailments are unbearable, every harmless word offends.
Impatient, competitive, ambitious, focused on work and workaholic.
sedentary life, bad effects for drugs, coffee, cigarrets, alcohol or sex.
stimulants or abuse of substances from indulgence and excesses.
Can be the first option when excess of quimichals are taken to create
and restablish a balance of the defence mechanism, neutralizing
cronic efects.
Fastidious and becomes first irritable when more patological becomes
angry then rage, then frank violence, and becomes infuriated at the
slowlessness and insufficiency of others. Sweats, repugnace to cold air.
Prominent effects on the gastro-intestinal canal. Constipation.
Peptic ulcers and gastritis in workaholic patients. Liver hipertrophy.
chills >warm, spasms of all muscle fibre, voluntary and involuntary
extreme hiperaesthesis of general nervous system.
A POLICREST, A BIG POLICREST, because of the volume of its
symptoms and similimum correspond to all ailments more frequent
in the acute sphere and common acutes- Nux v, for the modern type
life style, does not like to be toched,
Lumbalgia < 3-4 in the morning with burning pain.
He has to sit in order to turn over in bed.
A hot burning sensation in body, especially in face, likes to cover area,
even dough has chills, fever with chills and has to cover up.
Worse in the morning, after mental exertion, after eating, being touched.
spices, estimulants, narcotics, dry weather, cold,
Better after a small nap, lying, damp, dry weather, hard pressure.
Parecia of arms, with shakes, craps in legs, palisis of knee joint.
shovers feet when walks, loss of power in limbs suddenly.

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