(Lobaria pulmonaria)CHILDHOOD ASTHMA, is not an
easy dissease but if you study the case carefully cure is possible.
1963, Dr. Williams Schwabe from South America conducted the
study of Luffa and wrote a Book “The Luffa Operculata in
Bronchial Asthma.” Here in America Luffa is cooked and the
water is introduced to the nose to clean the stuffed nose and
sinus congestion.
Luffa Operculata principal action is in the air tubes, mucous
membranes especially nose mucous, hay fever coriza, Ozena.
Oriented to Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Bronchial Asthma, and
Hay Fever, sinus congestion, obstructed nose, sneezing frequent,
Mentally has a lack of concentration, absent minded, and
anger at triffles. Pain in forehead aggravated by stuffy room,
worse in the morning. Oversensitiveness to light >evening.
Physically has drynes in eyes, mucous membrane of inner nose,
mouth, throat,with difficult expectoration, wheezing and
ratling sounds in chest. Respiration short > exertion
Spasmodic cough < cold breeze, dust, fog, night, exposure to cold, early morning. Headache with dryness in aerial track Luffa soothes and contracts your sinuses and supports the mucous tissue of the nose in darining normally. Painus pains and pressure, sinus headache, nasal congestion, with yellow greenish discharge, polyps and Aniosmia. It is not a deep acting remedy, during 6-34 hours but can be taken daly for months and while the patient is over free from asthma symptoms they could be treated at the same time with a constitutonal remedy. Central Council for Research in Homeopathy CCRH. Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill The remedy is made of the dry fruit, a sponge like fruit.

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