K2SO4-Potassium sulfate –
Inorganic salts were first used in Homeopathic preparation
by Samuel Hahnemann, in 1821-1898 Dr. Schüessler identified
12 different salts in human cell and concluded that mineral
constituents that are present in human cells and that disease
takes place at the cellular level having a defficiency of a
mineral salt. A guide symptom GREAT DESQUAMATION
Kali s, transfers oxygen in reciprocal action with iron.
a deficiency of K-s. causes “‘A SENSATION OF HEAVINESS
and WEARINESS”, vertigo, chilliness, palpitations of
the heart,anxiety, sadness, toothache, headache
and pain in limbs. < room, warmth < evening > open cool air..
A remedy for the third state of inflammation with a YELLOWISH
and suppurating secretion in a chronic stage.
(sinusitis, eczema, asthma).
YELLOW face, lips, mucus, discharges, later states of
illness, cough congestion < evening, dandruff yellow crusty, eye yellow crust, yellow coated tongue with stomach catarrh and gas with poor digestion. Ks ensues a desquamation of cells of the epidermis and epithelium, which have been loosened from their connection because the tissue cell does not have enough oxygen. In measles, scarlatina, erysipelas of the face, catarrh of larynx, bronchi, with yellow thick discharge, catarrh of middle ear and kidneys Kali s accesses oxygen and so facilitates the formation of the new epithelium. will renew yellow purulent mucus in eyes, Ophtalmia neonatorum, eustachian tubes swollen, catarrh deafness smell and taste lost (Ozaena) MALE: gonorrhea of glans or urethra, yellow discharge or greenish orchitis from suppressed gonorrhea. FEMALE: Menses scanty- every three weeks (with ozaena) and concomitant headache. Kali s for jaundice, suppressed rash of measles and scaling of epidermis, burning itching, papular eruptions (nettle rash) exuding pus-like moisture. Fine red pimples running together, scars, chapping sores with yellow sticky secretions EPITHELIAL cancer, intermittent fever with yellow mucus characteristics of tongue, diseased nails, polypus, scaling psoriasis Beatriz H Hill,

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