Psychotria Ipecacuanha, native from the Matto Grosso, Brazil
its emetic power of the Ipecacuanha wine also known as the
Road-side-sick-making plant, and persisting NAUSEA is present
in all its ailments with difficult vomiting as a Key note, psialorrhea
with nausea, and in all stomach sicknes for the abuse of pork, cakes,
fruits, candies, icecream, and the sensation as if the
stomach hangs. Works through the pneumogastric nerve,
producing spasmodic irritation in chest and stomach, after
indigestible food, ad raisings, etc.
Mind full of desires but they do not know what, irritable, holds
everything in contempt. Bones of skull feel crushed or bruiced
pain extends to teeth and root of tongue.
Amebic dysentery with tenesmus, while straining great nausea,
little thirst, cutting, clutching, worse around navel pains.
Body gets rigid, stretched out stiff.
Stool-pitch-like green as grass, like frothy molasses.
Female uterine heamorrhage profuse, bright gushing with
nausea and pain from navel to uterus.
Cough, bleeding from lungs with nausea.
Skin pale-blue around eyes,, milliary rash
< periodically from veal, moist warm wind, lying down Hahnemann in Materia Medica Pura writes about Ipecacuanha to use it after excess or inappropiate use of Ars. or polongued use of Chinchona, a small dose of IP can be taken. Also when poisoning by a great dose of Opium, Ipeca, can be used 30,40, or 60 drops of tincture when circunstances require its use and coffe and camphora fail. Ip. acts in short time in big doses, about 2 days after. in small dose a cuple of hours. Beatriz H Hill

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