Common names: Hindi; Anansphal, Tamil: Anashuppu, English: Star anise. French: Badiane de Chine, Anise etoile
Introduced and proved by Dr. Franz and Mure
Both showed the action of the drug on the nose, mouth and stomach. Franze had many symptoms on the face, especially lips, skin and extremeties. There is stinging sensations in the upper lip as if blood would press out > from touch. Dryness of upper lip, which is drawn closer to teeth. Burning in the inner surface of lower lip with sensation as it it had gone to sleep.
it should be remembered in the treatment of flatulent conditions. So called ‘three months’ colic especially if it recurs at regular hours, much rumbling in abdomen. There is pain in the region of third rib about an inch or two from the sternum generally on the right side, but occasionally on left. Frequent cough with this pain. Purulent tracheal and gastric catarrh of old drunkards, old asthmatics. Vomiting, epileptiform convulsions with biting of nose.

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