CHARACTERISTIC SYMPTOMS. hamamelis-virginiana-fl-dcameron-a
Stupor; headache; crowding fullness in the head and neck, also in forehead.
Ecchymoses from bruises. “Traumatic inflammation of the iris, with haemorrhages. Intra-ocular haemorrhages .
Epistaxis, with a feeling of tightness of the bridge of the nose, and crowding pressure in forehead between the eyes . “The nosebleed clears the head and affords great relief. Profuse epistaxis ; flow passive, venous; idiopathic or vicarious .
Gums swollen; bleed easily . Passive, venous haemorrhage after extraction of teeth .
Tonsils and fauces congested ; veins enlarged, varicose.
Haematemesis of black blood; tremulous, weak, cold, quick pulse, profuse sweats .
Painful and bleeding hemorrhoids . Itching in anus. “Discharge of large quanti-
ties of dark blood from the bowels .
Irritation of the urethra, followed by a discharge and ardor urinae. Haematuria from passive congestion of the kidneys.
Severe neuralgic pains in the testicles. Pain running down the spermatic cords into the testes ; orchitis ; intense soreness and swelling. Varicocele. Circocele.
Active uterine hcewiorrhage, blood bright red , not coaguable. Metrorrhagia, passive flow, venous blood. “Vaginismus , intense soreness; prurigo of vulva . Vicarious menstruation . °Ovarian soreness and painfulness . “Phlegmasia alba dolens.
Haemoptysis , tickling cough, with taste of blood or of sulphur.
“Varicose veins and ulcers, with stinging or pricking. “Phlebitis of the vessels of the extremities. Great lassitude and weariness in the limbs and elsewhere. “Chilblains always bluish.

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