Nitroglicerine C3H5(NO2) O3 treating glycerol with white fuming nitric acid Nitroglycerin is used for the treatment of angina,[1] acute myocardial infarction,[1] severe hypertension, and coronary artery spasms due to cocaine
Kent J.T. Lectures on Homeopathic M.M.
Common feature: Surging of blood to the head and heart. like a feeling as if the blood is rushing around the heart with a sense of heat or boiling sensation in the region of heart or in the left side of the chest.
Surging in the head, warm glowing sensation in the head or a feeling of intense glowing from the stomach or from the chest up into the head, attended at time with loss of consciousness.
Wave-like sensations in the head as if skull were being lifted, expanded or contracted. surging is great throbbing
synchronous with the heat of the heart.
Lippe A.Von, Keynotes and Red line Symp. M.M.
Symptoms are violent and sudden, head troubles from
working under gas.light, when heat falls on the head,
cannot bear hear about the head, heat of stove or sun.-
Headache from below upwards, brain as if moving
in waves, worse from bending backwards, better
in open air, cannot keep still must walk about.
Cannot bear anything on the head hat, or pressure
Headache with sense of expansion as if to burst
fear of shaking the head, increases the ache and
seems as though the head would drop in pieces.
Sun-stroke, pale face, full round pulse, laboured respiration
eyes fixed, cerebral vomiting, white tongue sinking at the
pit of the stomack. Tinnitus Arium., Confusion, cannot
tell where he is, well known streets seems strange,
forgets on which side of the stree he llives, chin feels too
long. Acute and chronic interstitial nephritis with high
arterial tension, meningitis, children get sick in the
evening when sitting before an open coal fire. of falling
asleep there.
Rush of blood in pregnat women, or suppressed menses.
Headache in place of menses, heat with hot sweat.
Agg. in sun, exposure to sun’s rays, from gaslight,
from over-heat, from stooping ascending, from touch of hat,
from having the hair cut, and from wine. Amel cold applications.
cold air and pressure.
Antidots Acon, Camph, Coff and Noux V, in cerebal congestion
Glonoin in children when belladonna does not afford the relief.
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