Poor appetite, with attacks of sickness.─Great thirst for much water.─Vomiting at irregular times, sometimes awaking her out of sleep.─Green vomit.─Hæmatemesis.─Vomiting with the pains.─Weight and fulness in stomach; with fulness in forehead.─Pain in stomach < after eating, and by pressure. Distension in hypochondria and region of stomach.─Feeling of a layer of hard substance in abdomen; later of hardness in spots.─Intolerance of clothes touching abdomen and chest; throws them off at night.─Colic before stool.─Hernia: inflamed and incarcerated. Chronic diarrhœa; yellow, watery (with pneumonia).─Lienteria from relaxation of intestinal muscles.─Dark green stools, odourless.─Hot flatus.─Dysentery with violent fever; fever continues < from pressure on stomach; no tenesmus.─Summer diarrhœa, stools green, watery, or hashed, mixed with mucus, scanty, straining at stool; also retching, child rolls its head and moans, eyes half open.─Stools pure blood; bloody mucus or slime; < midnight to morning.─Green and hard stools expelled with much effort.─Habitual constipation; piles; disposition to prolapse. Frequent desire to urinate, urgent, with pain in neck of bladder and end of penis; must urinate immediately, which > the pain; < during the day; < standing.─Enuresis nocturna from weakness of sphincter.─Enuresis diurna from irritability of trigone, > lying down.─Urine spurts out with every cough.─Complaints before urinating.─Urine smells like café au lait.─Hæmorrhage from bladder or urethra.
Seminal emissions.─Sexual instinct completely in abeyance.─Dull aching in r. testicle.─Gonorrhœa, inflammatory stage.
Bearing-down in uterus, with constant dull pain in either ovarian region.─Vaginismus.─Pain in vagina during coition; cannot bear examination.─Dryness of vagina.─Dysmenia, with accelerated pulse and red face.─Menses pale first half of period.─Menses every three weeks, profuse, with pressure in abdomen and small of back.─During profuse menses, pain on top of head.─During pregnancy: cough with ejection of urine; headache during third month.
Laryngitis, with hoarseness from overstraining voice.─Hoarse; raises greenish mucus in biggish lumps.─Much mucus in throat and rattling in chest.─Pleuritic stitch with a deep inspiration, or cough.─Acute, short, spasmodic, and very painful cough.─Suddenly a loose cough, painless indoors, but painful in open air.─Tormenting cough when bending over or touching larynx.─Cough: causes spurting of urine; < in open air; < touching larynx; < at night.─Whooping-cough, with retching and vomiting.─Hæmoptysis; after concussion or fall. 19. Heart.─Dull, aching pain at heart; sometimes extending to back, l. of spine.─Palpitation with full pulse (less bounding than Acon., less flowing than Gels.). Crick in neck or back. Rheumatism attacking one joint after another; joints puffy, but little red; high fever; < slightest motion.─Rheumatism of wrist and knee. Violent drawing, tearing pain r. shoulder and upper arm, < violent motion of arm, > gentle motion, so that patient hardly kept it still at all; somewhat sensitive; deadness in r. hand.─Acute rheumatism of r. deltoid; unable to wear cloak.─In r. shoulder-joint acute rheumatism; red, swollen; very sensitive.─Swelling of elbow from sprain.─Rheumatism in wrist.─Wrists ache with loss of power to grasp.─Palms of hands hot, with children.─Nodule on dorsum of l. little finger.─Contracted fingers from acute rheumatism.
Pain and soreness in hip.─Pains in knees spreading to other joints, finally to shoulders and upper thorax (after Ferr. Phos. it went downwards from joint to joint, to knees, and then passed off).─While walking constrictive pain in anterior aspect of shins, lower third, as if he had been walking very hard and fast (which was not so), < l.─Ankle, outer side, pale red; foot greatly swollen and sensitive; toe feels as if burning.─Steady, terrible pain all over foot and ankle, extorting cries, shooting pains around ankle and up inside of leg.─An acute, very painful sugillation on dorsum of foot. Capillary congestion, with burning of skin, < from severe exercise or in a warm room.─Measles.─Erysipelas.─Acne. Drowsiness, with rush of thoughts.─Eyes half open in sleep.─Restless at night.─Restless sleep with anxious dreams; great depression in morning.─Sleepless from severity of pains.─Dreams of quarelling; suddenly changes to happy conversation with another person.

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