Ferrum phosphoricum
“Iron(III)-phosphate-pentahydrate-sample” by Benjah-bmm27 – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Iron(III)-phosphate-pentahydrate-sample.jpg#/media/File:Iron(III)-phosphate-pentahydrate-sample.jpg

Very talkative and hilarious; unnatural excitement.─Delirium tremens.─Physical and mental depression.─Unable to concentrate thoughts.─Memory impaired: for names, facts, &c.; irritated at his own mental sluggishness.─Drowsiness; with rush of thoughts, suddenly changing from pleasant to unpleasant.─(Sows eat up their young; a transient mania depending on hyperæmia of the brain.)
Dizziness; feeling as if head was being suddenly pushed forward.─Everything swims around him; his muscles seemed so weak he could hardly move about.─General dull headache < 5 p.m.─Hammering pain in forehead and temples, fears apoplexy; < r., formerly < l.─Supra-orbital neuralgia of r. side, with a morning aggravation.─Frontal headache, followed and relieved by nose-bleed.─Scarcely endurable, dull, heavy pain at vertex during menses, which are profuse.─Top of head sensitive to cold air, noise, and any jar; on stooping sharp pain through head, from back to front; at times a feeling as if head were being pushed forward, with danger of falling. Pinching in l. temporal region from within outwards.─Blind headache, with bearing-down in uterus, and ovarian pains.─Headache: with hot, red face and vomiting of food; with nervousness at night; with general soreness of scalp, cannot bear to have hair touched.─Rush of blood to head, with vertigo.─Violent throbbing up to occiput. On stooping cannot see; seems as if all blood ran into eyes.─Blinding headache.─Hemianopsia (r.).─Conjunctivitis and photophobia.─Heaviness of lids, esp. r.─Traumatic conjunctivitis.─Dry and rough feeling of lining of lids, congestion of eye (Alumina relieved).─Styes on lower lids (l.), then upper.─Tarsal cysts. Hard of hearing; ringing and buzzing.─Painful red swelling of parotids. Nose-bleed of bright blood, in children.─Nose-bleed relieving headache.─Erysipelas, with ulceration just inside tip (l.). Face earthy, pale, sallow.─Heat, with redness.─Hot cheeks, with toothache.─Neuralgia in face (r.).─Acne in chin and forehead. Toothache always appearing after eating food; < by warm drinks, > by cold.─Complaints during dentition, with fever.
On waking, throat feels swollen and stiff, swelling painful, < empty swallowing.─Feeling of lump (r.) on swallowing.─Inflammation of palate, tonsils, and pharynx, with dryness, redness, and pain.─Membrane on r. tonsil, spreading to l.

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