Very interesting remedy published in Dr.Henry Allen C.
The Materia Medica of Some Important Nosodes.
Remedy potencies are prepared from milk sugar
which has been saturated with the current.
Caspari and his colleagues obtained the symptoms
caused by ELECTRICITY, natural and artificial, and
were first published in Homeopathy Bibliotec.
Later appeared in Jahr, and then Dr. Clarke with
some additions. You all know the extreme susceptibility of
some persons to the electric fluid and the sufferings
they experience on the approach of, and during a
thunder-storm, or the contact of an electric current.
CHARACTERISTICS: Intense nervous anxiety, timid,
fearful, sighing, scream through nervous fear;
paroxysms of weeping.
Dreads the approach of a thunder-storm suffers
mental torture before and during an electric storm
Heaviness and paralysis of limbs and entire body
feels as if she weighed a ton.
Electricity should not be used nor electro-thermal
baths taken when suffering form a cold, especially
if the chest be involved, fatal results have
A good remedy for people who have receive electric
shocks or electricity treatments and have a feeling
of heaviness, especially pain or general weariness with
vertigo with sleepiness starting the pain at the maxilar
bone, numbness of the electrified parts, shakes the
whole body, burning violent pain in those that have
touched electric current causing general weakness,
and uneasyness with anxiety during thunderstorms.
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill

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