<-- REMEDY OF THE DAY: CORNUS ALTERNIFOLIA Swamp walnut, alternate-leaved cornel, Tincture made of leaves and decoction of the leaves to wash the skin eruptions. a Right sided remedy. Proved by Lutze on himself, also cured a farmers cronic exzema, giving tincture and washing the affected area 3 times a day with a decoction of the leaves. Cornus for Eczema and intermitent fevers. eliciting symptoms of fever, restlesness and sleplessness, skin eruptions and emaciation when Lutze proved on himself. In mind, has no ambitions of anything, awful, uneasy feeling that something terrible is going to happen. Sneezing-stopped up nose<night, Eruptions small pustules on face and neck., Eruptions on right wrist, and right side of chin, one of the blind, next day another pustule ringworm on forehead, skincracked < where there is a fold or crease, exuding a sticky waterly fluid. Mouth sore in the inside< after food in contact, moving mouth has sticking, pricking pains, Sick sensation one hour after dinner. and on walking desire to vomit, with chills, hour later vomited giving relief and heat followed. Abdomen dull pain right side-liver region. 11am. Cough as if something heavy was lying on chest and throat, and a sensation of ice cold in chest as if full of ice.> walking open air, and after supper. Hears all the clocks strike, hears every little noise and sound, if awakes from sleeping, mind becomes active and it is difficult to get sleep again, Tosses and turnes all night. Dreams of dead rats mashed to a pulp,dreams of coitus with emissions. Drowsy and tired during the day. FEVER: At noon feels tired and dowsy, with chills, sleepy, with a sensation of heaviness in head < 9:30, lying downs half an hour later desire to vomit, and vomiting betters,-->

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