Ladybug: septem=7 punctata= spotted
its elytra are of a red colour but punctuated with three black spots each
with one further spot being spread over the junction of the two.
Mother tincture made of freshly crushed beetles.
NEURALGIA< touch, Teeth pain, Molars, gums, mouth.
Tearing rhythmical with the pulse, extending from right upper jaw to lobule of ear
jerking and tearing in one and tearing in the other teeth, with stitches ext.
towards occiput and warmth throughout the whole head. Rushes of blood to face
Pulse like jerking in molars, throbbing pain in upper molars. Knitting pain in
molars, pain in molars as if hollow and as if air were forced into them.
Drawing upper molars, extending towards right ear.<eating
cold sensation in all teeth, pleasant, in one tooth or touch of finger.
gum swollen. Hiccough and burning in stomach
tobacco bites the tongue severely
coldness in mouth. Pain in region of kidneys.

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