Considered one of the greatest nosodes in homeopathic medicine.
Indications for carcinosin is too much responsibility in childhood, indignation and rudeness. Concerns and regards for others is a fundamental part of the Carcinosin portrait.
Carcinosin has family history and a personal history to alcohol or drugs, or cigarettes and caffeine with great sensivity to food.
Clinical use in Cancer, Melancholia, worms.
H.C. Allen writes that he used it frequently as a diathesic remedy. Burnett had different preparations, and followed his instinct largely in their use and selection. Used in treating depraved inherited conditions in children, such as infantile self-abuse.
Suicidal tendency in several cancer patients, so that the cancer nosodes may be appropriate in many mental cases, especially where the heredity points that way.
The Carcinocin patient is childish, shy, feels he does not good enough, does not deserve to be high in life.
Clarke in his materia medica writes that Carcinoma of the mammary glands with great pain and induration of glands, of uterus, and the offensive
discharge, hemorrhage and pain are greatly relieved. It can also alleviate indigestion, accumulation of gas in stomach and bowels, rheumatism,
Cancerous cachexia (Dose thirtieth adn 200 C potency a dose at night or less frequently.)
Chatterjee T.P, writes that it is useful and curative remedy if family history shows the presence of T.B. Diabetes, Leukemia and Cancer or a mixture of these and there are indications of more of the following remedies or when one/more of them fail to cure. Tub, Med. syph, sep , Nat-m, Calc-p, Dys., Co., Lyc., Psor, Ars-i, Puls, Sulph., Op., Alumn, Staph.
Use carcinosisn to remove fear of cancer, where such fear exists, and then prescribe the indicated remedy for a success. Effective for chronic enlarged tonsils and bedwetting, when other remedies fail. Acts well at bed time lilke thuja.
Foubister D.M, writes the Carcinosis Drug Picture in Clinical indications like Mental retardation, arthritis, asthma, mental confusion, Neuro vegetative dystonia, ocular fatigue, grimacing, sexual impotence, insomniac, hepatic insufficiency, masturbation, migraine, mongolism,
styes, cardiac palpitation, Has marked aggravation at sea side, appetite desire or aversion to salt, milk, eggs, fat, fruit.
Genu-pectoral positon during sleep. The appearance of the patient with moles, blue sclerotics or pale cafe au lai, complexion.

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  1. Homeopathy is amazing. I developed a breast abscess years ago and my homeopath put me on Hepa Sulph. He explained that some places on the body one does not want the abscess to come to a head and that Hepa Sulph helps the lymphatic system draw out the puss. It worked! Silicea brings a boil to a head. I suggested a colleague take Hepa Sulph for a boil on his backside, no more boils! Love Homeopathy! I also help friends and family. I don’t go to vets as I treat my dog myself.

  2. Carcinosin is excellent. In boils, hepar sulph and siliciea works wonderfully. I not only love but preach homop. though some make fun out of it.

  3. Off topic. This is my favourite Homeopathy page!
    I wanted to ask you something please: is a small child was suffering with inflammed ADENOIDS. Not tonsils, not infected. Just inflammed and swollen.
    (So likely a lymphatic system block?) What remedy would you suggest I try??

  4. Depuis 45 ans ….. plus necessaire de me convaincre ! Mais pour une grande majorité laissée dans l ignorance c est un autre probleme malheureusement

  5. I once had an abscess on my gum because of a problematic tooth. The dentist wanted to give me antibiotics but instead I took Hepar Sulphur and the next day I woke up to no abscess at all! God bless Homeopathy!!


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