CALCAREA FLUORICA, fluorspar, fluoride of lime


It occurs in nature in mineral fluorspar, it is beautifully crystalline, crystallizing in various colors and in cubical or octahedral forms
Common names Fluorspar, Fluoride of lime.
Boericke W., The twelve tissue Remedies of Schussler MM
Knots, kernels and hardened glands in the female breasts.
Fissure of rectum, aching in the lumbar region
Nodes on the legs.
Found in bones surface and enamel of the teeth, it is also a
constituent of the elastic fibres and of epidermis, within
skin, connective tissue, and in vascular walls.
The loss of Calcarea fluorica in the system is thus seen be
followed by 1. A hard, knotty exudation on the surface of a bone.
2. a relaxation of the elastic fibres, hence dilatation of vessels,
relaxation and displacements of the uterus, abdominal walls, hence “hanging belly”, hemorrage of womb, all absence of after pains.
3. Exudation of Keratin from the cells of the epidermis.
Great depression, groundless fears of finatial ruin, indecision;
disposition to set a higher value on money than natural to him:
Blood tumors on the parietal bones of newborn infants, on a
rough, bony base.Bruised of the bones of the scalp, with hard, rough, uneven lumps, hard excrescences on the scalp:
Cephal hematoma, Ulcers of the scalp with callous edges, etc.
Eye, flickering and sparks before the eyes, Cataract.
Ears Calcareous deposits on the tympani, tinnitus;
Mastoid disease when periostium is affected.
Nose Cold in the head, ineffectual desire to sneeze, stuffy;
cold dry, coryza, ozaena, copious, offensive, thick greenish,
lupy yellow nasal discharge.
osseous growths. Hard herpetic sores on lips from cold.
caries of malar bone and fangs of teeth, oozing dark,
Gumboils with hard swelling on the jaw, stony hard swelling
o the jawbone
Pregnancy, after pains if due to weak, feeble contractions,
HARD knots in breast, it favors easy confinement during pregnancy
The chief remedy in true croup, in asthma when specks or small
lumps of yellowish mucus are brought up after much exertion, cough, tough mucus with tickling sensation,
The chief remedy for VARICOSE or enlarged veins.
Enlargement, hypertrophy of the heart.
Indurated cervical glands of stony hardness, Ganglia or encysted
tumors at the back of the wrist,
Fissures or cracks in the palms of the hands or hard skin with formations of crusts, fissure of anus, carbuncles, fribroma, ichthyosis, keratosis, xanthoma, eczema due to venous hyperemia,
worse in damp weather, better at night.
Swellings or indurated enlargements, having their seat in the fascia and capsular ligaments of joints or in the tendons.
Spina ventosa, indolent ulcers, ulceration of none or enamel,
caries and necrosis with burning boring pains and heat in parts, dischar of thin acrid ichorous mucus.
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