Boger CM., A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica
Region: Occiput
Nutrition: Nerves, mucous membranes
Mouth skin, kidneys, bladder.
Worse: Downward motion, sudden Noises, cold, wet, smoking before urinating. least uncovering, nurslings, children, fruits.
Amel Pressure, Holding painful side with hand.
Better: 11pm
Tough, bloody mucus, tousy persons frowzy hair,
tangles at ends, frightened at every nose from sleep,
as if to fall, Gummy crusty eyelids and nostrils, raw tarsi
Red nose of young women, dirty complexion, puffy face,
dry cracked tongue, palate hard and wrinkled.
Eructations when painful parts are pressed. Poorly nourished
soft and flabby.
Aphtous, catarrhal tendency, clear, thick, hot biting
discharges. Heat in single parts, mouth, vagina, palms, etc.
Sticking or drawing pains, intercostal, in soles, etc.
Shrivelled skin or mucous membranes.
Nervous, Anxious, fidgety, fickle, fretful before stool.
Fears downward motion
Starts at rifles, sudden sounds, etc.
Anxious cries during sleep.
Hot head of babies, they cry and scream when nursing
or before passing stool or urine.
Dry tender, aphthous mouth puffy indented tongue
griping toothache, agg. wet weather.
Dry Skin: festers easily, won’t heal.
Heart feels as if on right side. violent palpitation
Related: Belladona, Follows Calc, Psor, Sanic, Sulph.
Incompatible with Acetic acid, vinegar, wine
-Dr. Bonnerot and Fortier-Bernoville:, Ulcer of the Stomach
and Duodenum, Cancer of digestive tract, Aphthous stomatitis.
Mouth dry, hot, sensitive, the mucous bleeds easily.
The aphthae localized specially in the internal walls of the
cheeks and above the tongue and throat. The mother feels
the heat of the mouth of the child when it sucks the breasts.
The child cries during sucking because of pain. gums
painful, the child suddenly wakes up. it is afraid. becomes
pale and livid, fetid breath. Starts at the SLIGHTEST NOISE.
this single symptom often helps to select borax
Borland Children’s Types writes that the Borax child is
irritable and its irritability ends up in a violent passion,,
kicking and screaming, with generalized skin eruption, a very
crusty eruption on the scalp, herpetic eruptions about the lips.
or a generalized rash of small herpetic spots on the body.
The Borax child sensitive to fruit, with violent colic after
eating fruit, followed by diarrhea. Or chronic constipation,
with hard stool. or sudden vomiting and diarrhea.
Eneuresis in children, or pain in micturition without any
definite urinary infection. Borax child is homesick, nausea
in intense concentration., Train sick, carsick, airsickness, but with
peculiar terror of downward motion, and screams on
going down in a lift, this terror distinguishes borax from
any other drug.
Great anxiety when laying the child down on a couch or in the
crib, clings to the mother, also when rocking, dancing,
swinging, going down staris, or rapidly down hill, horseback-
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