This is a case of Primary Infertility and Oligospermia.
This lady who works as a computer operator and her husband a health inspector who was working in a primary health center just half kilometer away from my clinic and was advised to contact me by another health inspector whose wife was under my treatment for fibroid uterus .
Some 20 years ago, This lady aged 26 and had 3 miscarriages due to weakness of uterus as per her gynaecologist and all the miscarriages were happening in the 1st or 2 nd months of pregnancy. She had irregular or late menses and that too painful. One of the symptoms was she has pain and oedema in one of the legs and when I asked her to observe , exactly when the pain and oedema appears, At her 2 nd visit she told me that at about 10 days after the menses it appears and last till the next menses. The very next month there was no pain during menses and but there was pain and oedema in the next month at the same time.When I asked her about this, she told that what I told was right. Ie pain and oedema appears every alternate months.
In the beginning of the treatment, I gave her Nat Mur. But no particular changes happened.This made me think in a different way. The oedema appears at the time of ovulation. This means one of the ovaries is not working properly.This made me think of another remedy and I took the Kent Repertoire and choose the right similimum. Here what you need to do is find out the rare peculiar symptom to select the right similimum.


  1. Apis mellifica
    Pain in right ovary with oedema of leg
    Tendency to abortion in early months-2nd n 3rd
    Scanty menses

  2. Friends, I am happy with your comments.
    Here the OBSERVATION of the physician and connecting it with the ovulation lead us to the similimum. The OBSERVATIONS is oedema during ovulation ,and abortion early months of pregnancy will lead us to APIS MEL,congratulations to Sumaiya Ikram.


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