Ammonium chloride, a right side remedy, and ANGRY-BITTERNESS
as it feels the world owes them something.
causes luxation pains and tension as if the tendones were
contracted > flexion< stretching. Has no aversion to water as Am carb.- But Am m, can be chilly or hot with melancholy with tendency to weep, aversion to certain people and fears dark. Ulcerations on lip angle. Volatil, gets angry easily, hates humanity, likes to take revenge, and humid and weat weather aggravates. Mind dirty- spoil, likes to be alone, antisocial it is another never enough remedy falls down because it could be better. Generalities: The patient frequently feels a boiling throughout the body as if in the blood vessel. Sensitive to cold. Many complaints increase while in the open air. Flushes of heat, ending in sweat. Tearing pains and smarting prevail extensively. Burning and excoriation of mucous membranes. Drawing or sensation of shortening of tendons. It is a long-acting remedy.(MM Kent) In catarrhal troubles that extend into the larynx and bronchial tubes, with stitching, tearing, burning. for old people, skinny, that nag all the time and are not satisfied with nothing and are angry and bitter, bad tempered insulting everybody. they like sweets but aggravates with sweets. Obesity, grease tumors, (skinny legs) and most of their symptoms < 2-4am. Hair falls, dandruf, itchy scalp, face hot flushes. Tension in posterior part of thighs when walking. Cold feet at night in bed. Copious night sweats latter part of night. Flushes of heat and fever But the shortness of tendons, muscles, character, happiness, its constipation with Hemorroids and its excoriating fluids is the main character of Ammoniums BeatrizHHill, 18-7-2011

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