Sal Ammoniac NH4C
Allen HC, Keynotes and Characteristics M.M.
Especially adapted to those who are fat and sluggish,
body is fat, corpulent, big, while legs are disproportionately
thin. Mucous membranes manifested by acrid coryza.
The discharge is profuse and it corrodes the inside of the
nose as well as the upper lip. bad smell in feet.
agg, sitting and amel lying down in sciatica.
Choudhuri N.M. a Study of Materia Medica
this remedy has a very important action over the tendons and fibrous tissues about the joints. tense contracting pain.
Chronic sprains and also in rheumatic and other
troubles when there is noticed a peculiar tension and a sense
of contraction in tendons and fibrous tissues of any of the
joints. Cases of lameness due to contraction of the
hamstrings muscles.
Clarke J.H. Dictionary of Practical M.M.
Anosmia, bronchitis, constipation, coryza, cough, diarrhea
inflammation of eyes, pains in feet, enlarged glands,
hemorrhoids, affections of the liver, disorders during menses,
sciatica, scurvy, pains in spleen, sprains, neuralgia in stumps.
swelling of tonsils, ulcers.
Amm. m is right sided remedy, amel. warm bath.
has fear of darkness, photophobia, keratitis,
ulceration of corners of mouth.
This remedy has resentment with the mother, because he
feels she has abandoned as a child, and becomes bitter,
constipation extremely obstinate, stools crumbling requiring
great effort for expulsion with flatulence. alternating with chills
Amm m., has a coldness between the shoulder blades,
especially in phthisis.
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