Common Aloe. One of the ancient and famous remedy.
Used as a laxative to regulate bowels and menstrual function
the constant habit of using this remedy leads to several disfuction
and ailments of the pelvic area and since Sulphur antidotes Aloe
Sulphur should be use in case excess use of Aloe remedies have
been taken or to start with a case. Aloe is similar to Allium s.
Causes congestion of several parts especially abdomen, pelvic organs
and head. A perioricity is in all ailments. Cefalea alternating with
lumbago and a winter comes will probably manifest.
Adapted to indolent “Weary persons, averse wither to mental or
physical labor. Mental labor fatigue in old people, especially
‘women of relaxed phlegmatic habit. Extreme postration, with
perspiration, which appears each year as winter approches.
Dissatisfied and angry about himself or his complaints especially
if constipated. Old beer drunkers.dissatisfied and angry about
disease of mucous membranes causes the production of mucus in
JELLY like lumps from throat or rectum, affects mucous membranes
of rectum. Headache across the forheadcold applications, alternating with lumbago after insuficient
Diarrhea has to hurry inmmediately after eating and drinking, with
want of confidence in sphincter of annus, and driving the patient
out of bed early in the morning.
Colics in right lower abdomen before and during stool. Pain ease
after stool leaving profuse sweating and extreme weakness.
Attacs preceded by OBstinate constipation. Flatus with small stool
burning in annus after passage of flatus.
Heaviness in rectum during stool, tenesmus, faintness after stool.
Hemorrhoides blue like a bunch of grapes. bleeding, sore, tender
hot, relieved by cold water. Intense itching preventing sleep and
this can be developed by suppressed eruptions.
Beatrizhh 4-11

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