Aloe is one of the oldest and most famous drugs. It is in worldwide use as a purgative at the present day, and forms a leading ingredient in a large number of patent medicines for regulating the bowels and menstrual functions. The habitual use of these medicines leads to all kinds of pelvic ailments, and the fact that Sulphur antidotes Aloe accounts for the success of Sul. as a medicine to commence with in many chronic cases where purgatives have been used.
A periodicity enters into many of its complaints. There is a periodic headache which alternates with lumbago. As winter approaches each year itch manifests itself. Aloe has the antipsoric property of throwing out internal complaints to the skin. Among the leading mental symptoms are: Bad humour, especially in cloudy weather. Dissatisfied and angry with himself < when constipated. Aversion to labour. Lassitude alternating with great mental activity. Among the other head symptoms are: Darting pains in left temple < every step. This remedy is indicated in diarrhoea; this may be an early morning diarrhoea, or chronic in character. The stool may be yellow, watery, and jelly-like, or windy. It is attended with more or less cramping and griping pains across the lower abdomen, with tenesmus and extreme prostration following the stools. The desire for stool cannot be postponed one moment, otherwise the linen is soiled. There is a sense of insecurity of the sphincter ani. The rectum feels as if full of fluid. In other cases there is an involuntary passage of formed stools. In cases where the stools are dysenteric in character they are frequent, painful, and attended with burning in the rectum, and tenesmus. There is congestion of the hsemorrhoidal veins, and hemorrhoids which bleed profusely. They are sore, tender, purple, and protrude like a bunch of grapes, and are attended with tenesmus and itching. The distress from them is relieved by the application of cold water. In the atonic forms of jaundice that attend bilious states, it is indicated when the tongue is coated, the breath foul, and there is a sensation of fulness and heaviness in the hepatic region. At times there are stitching pains in the hepatic region, with a sensation of soreness in the whole abdominal cavity, so that a misstep causes distress. This distress is relieved temporarily by the escape of flatus which is hot and offensive. Cases of menorrhagia are benefitted by it, the menses appear too early, there is a sense of weight and heaviness in the pelvis, and pressing downward toward the rectum. These may be severe. It is also of service in uterine hemorrhages at the climacteric period. They are prostrating and exhausting, and are attended with labor-like pains in the back and groins, that may extend to the legs. The patient is of the relaxed, lymphatic type. It should be studied in case of leucorrhcea which consists of mucus and blood, when there is severe backache, and prolapsus of the uterus. There is a headache which is of bilious character; the distress is confined to the forehead, and is described as of a dull, heavy nature. The subject is incapacitated for mental labor. It is made worse from heat, and is ameliorated by cold applications to the head; it may alternate with diarrhoea. There is relief from the application of cold water to the haemorrhoids and in cases of headache ; also during cold weather, and from a discharge of flatus and stool. There is aggravation from hot, dry weather. Reference: Blackwood's Manual of Material Medica, Therapeutics and Pharmacology.

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