Common name: Copperhead Snake
(ANCISTRODON). This remedy was proved by kent in the year 1924.
Chief Symptoms:
Swelling like bags over eyes and under brows.
Nausea, better by ice; worse by water.
Intolerance to tight chlothing.
Early morning diarrhoea.
Cough worse 3 pm with escape of urine.
Thirst for small quantities of water.
Marked alternation of moods.
Awakes with throbbing in vulva and anus.
Like the other snake poisons, it affects the system profoundly. Like arsenic, it has dyspnœa, mental and physical restlessness, thirst for small quantities of water, necessity for having clothing loose, like Laches. Marked alternation of moods; vivid dreams. Is a wonderful restorative and deep acting remedy. Increased sexual desire in both sexes. Ineffectual attempts to recline. Right ovarian region painful.

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