Bryonia patients are also easily irritated; they don’t want to be bothered.

But the great sign for this remedy is immobility. The sick child may lie for hours without moving, and even then object to it or show signs of pain. If you raise his head he looks faint. Bryonia is cross, constipated, too hot and very quiet. Just the reverse of Rhus toxicodendron all around, although the sensations may be very much alike.

Reference: C. M. Boger

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  1. Bronchitis. Constipation. Excessive thirst unquenchable thirsty. In Febrile condition accompanied by Belladona. Arnica and rhustox and ferrum phos 3x.

  2. bry is dry as caught stool young skeen etc.movement agg rest amel thirst large quantity often.acts on gouty diatheris digestive orgain Bronchia etc

  3. I did not say there was a lack of sleep, just that I slept very well…it was a deep healing sleep as a result of the actions of a well matched remedy. When I said last night, I was in fact refering to the time prior to bedtime Ra.

  4. I dont know maybe experts can answer but i assume china 30c 3 times aday ferrum phos 12x 4 tabs 4 times ceananthus americanus Q 15 drops aday and pulsatilla 30c 3times for a period of month should improve the condition


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