What's the Remedy


Taciturn, depressed, out of humor.
Inclined to internalise, undemonstrative grief. Sudden change of sadness and cheerfulness. Weakness of the memory. Fullness and pressure in the stomach, -pit of the stomach,- as if he had eaten too much. Stitches in the stomach, region of the liver, navel, abdomen.Sensitiveness, when moving, of the abdomen to pressure.
Aggravation when at rest and in the evening. As long as he moves about he feels well, but as soon as he sits down, especially in the evening, he experiences various inconveniences.
Aggravation from eating fat food ; while reposing (when sitting, standing). Amelioration from moving (walking).
Worse, open air, evenings, sitting, standing, and cold water. Better, during menstrual flow, by moving about, rubbing parts; in warm room, lemonade…
What’s the remedy?


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