A tremendous love for all children


All Homeopath authors and historians who describe Hahnemann’s life agree to the pleasant relations between Hahnemann and his children. Dr. Hahnemann was kind, cheerful, and had great fun with them, played music, sang bedtime songs, composed little verses for them, and used every opportunity to teach them.
Not only for his own children, Dr. Hahnemann indeed had a tremendous love for all children, particularly those in his care. For instance: In 1835, a four-year old girl, who was the daughter of Monsieur Legouvé, a famous French poet, came to Hahnemann’s visit. She was nearly dead; Dr. Hahnemann revived her with Homeopathy, care and passion, as no other doctor would or could.
In the “Homeopathic Times” (London, Vol. 1, p. 565, in 1850), it was mentioned about this case as the most marvellous cure of the child of M. Legouvé by Dr. Hahnemann!


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