Homeopathy for Deafness

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“Today was one of the most exciting days in my entire homeopathic career.

We were taking follow up cases of the deaf kids we had seen 4 months earlier. Most of them suffering the horrible side effects of quinine based drugs. We already knew there was clinical improvement in 45% of the cases, but now was time for the real test, the audiometer. Could homeopathy show its magic in ‘scientific numbers’? So many times our research has disappointed on measurements. We waited all morning for the audio technician. When she finally arrived there were only 13 kids still there (we will see the rest next week).

I was holding my breath when the tests began. Each frequency is tested separately: 250MHz, 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, 4000 Hz and 8000 Hz. We were craning over her shoulder to see the results.. And one by one there it was on paper- improvement all around. Not huge amounts, but definite and significant improvements: 5%, 10%, 20% or even 30% on various frequencies.
In some cases the low range (thunder, trains etc) fell, but the mid-range (human voice) was stronger. Out of the 13 kids only two had no response.

We were beaming and nearly dancing up and down.

The audio technician said she had never seen changes like this before.

It was so good to see homeopathy work on hard fact numbers, unfolding before our ears and eyes. I can’t describe how happy this made me, both for the kids that have lived their life in silence and for the homeopathic proof.

Thanks to the Swedish Association of Scientific Homeopathy and Lynda Lillywhite in Colorado for supporting this research. Final results due in August.

Jeremy Sherr
29th April 2016

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