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Selfies reveal a lot about the person and can give you a hint into their constitutional type. How would various remedy personalities put up their Selfies?

SULPHUR ✔– Probably the Inventor of Selfies, Self Loving Personality. Always trying out a unique selfie, which would also display his Talents – With a drawing, Invention, new looks, the new car, celebrating tradition, visiting historical places etc. along with an intelligent quote that displays his wisdom. Someone who can always find an artistic way for new selfies. Makes the world known of all his work – Eating here, Watching there, Dancing here, etc. Deletes the selfie if it doesn’t get expected response in time.

PHOSPHORUS – Most Vibrant and colourful selfies, Cheeks to cheeks with a friend, can be revealing yet charming. Hard to miss. Have the best selfies, with maximum likes. Very simple natural selfies or with Lots of effects.

CALCAREA ✔– Someone who tries to click a selfie just coz the whole world is doing so. The dullest unenthusiastic selfies. Awkward smile, always unsure which to post. What will people think? Posts more of his children’s, wife and Gods pictures.

NUX VOMICA – The eater who posts selfies with Alcohol glasses, smoke, cars, office women, MORE SMOKE, ALCOHOL and lots of food. Rarely family photos.

MEDORRHINUM – THE ADVENTURER SELFIE – Selfies on Peaks of mountains, Under the sea, Air diving, Trekking, high on drugs, etc. Depicting his thirst for crossing his limits.

VERATRUM – Dressing especially for Selfies. May click them wearing branded glasses, clothes and watches in malls in trial room, even when he is not gonna buy them. Can pose beside anybody’s sports car, bungalow or girlfriend and mentions below – “Enjoying Life” as if his own

HYOSCYAMUS – Revealing selfies, friend list contains mostly unknown people. Poses as if some big hero or heroine, and tags everyone with a stupid tagline in weird font and spelling, “maY LiFe, Mai RuLez. RoAcK OoN!!!”

PULSATILLA ✔– Has a selfie for every emotion, and loads of supporters too. What to wear? What to eat? How is my dress? Looking bad na? Feeling sad, just woke, sleeping. Messages in private to ask why you didn’t like my selfie? Finds a great satisfaction in social media in the way of acceptance and appreciation.

CARCINOSIN ✔ – Selfies with animals, Nature, Flowers, helping or doing charity or of her own eyes. Every selfie having a deeper meaning or quote.

LACHESIS ✔– LOUD SELFIES – Of parties, roaming around, jumping, and wearing new dresses. Centre of attraction. Always a Big open mouthed smile and loads of expressions. Would not post those selfies where the other person looks smarter than her.

NATRUM MUR ✔– reserved and less selfie-oriented. Would put up mostly with family, children, parents and pets.

LYCOPODIUM ✔– Would hardly post due to his lack of confidence. Would try an angle that would hide his baldness, his belly and his flaws. Would post if with some Influential person.

MERC SOL ✔– Anarchist selfies – with the middle finger pointing up, with blood, after injury, or fighting with someone.

PLATINUM ✔– Sensual and exclusive selfies with self-obsessed quotes

ARSENIC ✔– TIP TOP SELFIES – Well dressed. Looks more like a posing for a passport photograph. Even KALIS

What’s your Selfie?

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