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BOLETUS LARICIS – or Polyporus officinali
synonims White agaricus, (agaricus albus) Larch agaricus,
Purging agaric, Fungus agaric, Spunk.
Tincture made of the dry fungus
Chilliness at regular intervals, followed by marked fever. Alternate
chills and flushes of heat with severe aching in the back, colliquative
sweats, night sweat of Phthisis of protracted cases, hectic fever.
Goood in all condittions of Malaria origin, useful in localities where
malaria prevails.
The agent of this mushroom is astringent and overcomes excessive
secretions of bronco pulmonary secretion of incipient Phthisis.
Controls the flow of milk in nursing woman and passive hemorrhages
will check arterial hemorrhage making the application of a ligature

Dr. Henderson used it for alcoholism treatments, for those adicts who
resemble weakness with cold skin, using tincture and giving 1-2 drops
every two hours.
white agaricus acts upon the nerves of the skin, controling involuntary
twitching of the face and eye.
Beatrizhh 26-1-11

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