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The most comprehensive and up-to-date reference book on homeopathic drainage ​by Michel Bouko Levy, MD

A practical guide to Homeopathy and Homeopathic Drainage:

  • 14 Chapters – 310 pages:
  • Homeopathy and homeopathic drainage explained and illustrated
  • Symptom analysis
  • Disease analysis
  • Constitutions and reactive modes
  • Tissue Salts and tissue salt associations
  • Essential remedies
  • Nervous Regulators
  • Materia medica of 14 central remedies with their companion and satellite remedies, and tissue salt associations
  • Companion and Satellite remedies
  • Constitutions, planets and the four elements
  • Phytotherapy and Phytogemmotherapy
  • Organotherapy
  • Oligotherapy
  • Drainage protocols for specific conditions
  • Trace element repertory
  • General Index
  • Modalities Index
  • Mind Index
  • Neuroendocrine Index
  • Anatomic Index
  • Drainage Index
  • Remedies Index
  • Trace Elements Index​​​​​

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