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Made of Calcarea Carbonica and Sulphur: triturated together and then heated in a cresol, Sulphurous liver” is the name given by alchimist to the sulphur that had the decoloration of liver. Before Hahnemann (Calcium Sulphate)
was used as an externally remedy for itching, pruriginous malaties of skin, rheuma, gaute, thyroid problems and scrofulous swellingness.
1794 Hahnemann proposed to use it internally, to stop, mercurial salivation. Few years later in pthisis and asthma. Chilly < drafts. One of its characteristics is GREAT SENSIBILITY to slightless touch this oversensitiveness is valid for impressions, to surroundings and to pain. what for others is only an ache or disagreeable, to Hepar becomes intense suffering in its severe, sharp, inflamed spots, indurated, eruptions, boils or suppurative ulcers or states. they are full of sharp pain, described as JAGGIN LIKE SHARP STICKS. Jaggin ulcers, sore throat, like if he had swallowed a fish bone stick. Eruptions are sensitie to touch, accords with the oversensitiveness of the nerves found there. Hepar patient FAINTS with pain even light pain. Their oversensitiveness of the mind takes part and manifest as extreme irritability , all that disturbs becomes with expression of anger, abusive, impulsive, wishes to kill, impulses without cause to stab, cut the throat, throw the child into the fire or impulse to set itself on fire, violent and destroyful, has a mania to set things on fire. The patient is quarrelsome hard to get along with, nothing pleases, everybody disturbs, expresses its oversensitiveness to persons, to places and likes to change regularly. Felons around the root of the nail end of fingers, sensations of splint under nail. Warts crack open and bleed, sting and burn with suppuration it is a syphilitic remedy to treat syphilys, lymphatic glands hard and enlarged. By Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill

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