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Wm. S., aged 28. Has been troubled with piles for some years. Bleeding piles, accompanied by chronic constipation, with much straining at stool; great pressure of blood to the head, and flushes of heat; tongue mapped or covered with a grayish-white coating.

I prescribed Calcarea fluor 3x, and Kali mur., 6x, in alternation every four hours, corrected the diet, and in a few weeks he was completely cured, with no return of the trouble.
(C. R. Vogel., M. D.)

Is the chief remedy in this disease, for the relaxed condition of the muscular fibers. Bleeding piles, with pressure of blood to the head; pain low in the back; piles with chronic constipation. Itching piles — should be used internally and externally.

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