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Even dough Clarke mentions the remedy used as powder in frequent attacks of hemoptysis, hoarseness with dry cough < at night with sleeplessness, < going up stairs,
fearful after the remedy and also used in a lady with tuberculosis diatesis after delivery with hemorrhage later on
her tuberculosis state bettered, after giving her the Helix powder.
But is was not until 2010 that was proved by the American Medical College of Homeopathy; 1951 W. Camelback, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85015; [email protected];
Luc De Schepper Live snails (Helix pomatia L.) are boiled in order to extract the body of the animal. The shells are washed, brushed, and dried in an oven at 150 C. Then they are progressively calcinated in an electric oven at 850 C. in order to obtain a very white residue. The powdered residue is odorless and practically insoluble in water and in alcohol; it contains not less than 95.0% CaO (m.w. 56.08). It should be stored in a well-closed container.
Repertory Extraction from the Complete Repertory (by Roger Van Zandvoort)and rubrics also 2005
The proving gives symptoms as
respiration difficult < ascending, hoarseness chronic,
anger at being treated badly or abused, rage or violence
They do not care for their youngs
Women want to get pregnant and grief that they could
not and a sensation as if a rope was tied around waist and chest and can┬┤t breath
Feeling of being younger, chilliness, right sideness
suddenness in emotional and physical symptoms.
craving for sweets, carbohydrates and alcohol.
Dreams of building and pursasing buildings.
dreams of spiral
much corageous, self confidence was improved,” I can do
what I want and say what I want and I do not care”
Wealth and purchasing of expensive things as a
prominent theme.
Sexual dreams, dreams of rape or sexual violatin with a
refusal to let it happen.
slowness with sensation of having something on their back
difficult to get rid off.
Desire of cold, damp wheather, feeling of mucous and
slimy on skin, nose, throat, feeling of being out in the rain
covered with old slime, stools feel slimy.
By Beatriz H Hill

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