Hecla Lava -Hekla Lava

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Hecla Lava -Hekla Lava
ashes from the volcano Mount Hekla in southern Iceland.
Fine faraway ashes of the Heckla volcano in northern Island
Marked action upon the jaws of grate use in exostosis, gumb abscesses,
difficult teething. Nudosities, caries of bones, periostitis, osteosarcoma,
…rachitis, TUMORS in general Bone necrosis, necrosis and sinus after
mastoid operation.
Ulceration of nasal bones.
Facial neuralgia, from eatious teeth and after extraction. Toothache
with sweeling about Jaws, abcess of gums, enlargement of
maxilary bone, cervical glands enlarged and indurated.
Heel spur treatment, fascitis plantar talalgia.
An excellent remedy fro abcess of the jaw bone with teeh abcess
Beatriz H Hill

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