Good Health with Schuesslers salts

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Health is the state of the body when all the various tissues are in a normal condition; and they are kept in this state when they each receive the requisite quantity of needful cell-salt required for the upbuilding of the different tissues.

Disease is an altered state of the cell, produced by some irregularity in the supply to the cells of one of the inorganic tissue-salts. Imperfect cell-action results, diseased tissues and organs follow, and all the phenomena of disease are developed. Now, the cure consists in restoring the normal cell-growth, by furnishing a minimal dose of that inorganic substance whose molecular motion is disturbed, which disturbance caused the diseased action.

To do this successfully, it is necessary to know what salts are needed for the up-building of the different tissues and for their normal action.
This knowledge is derived from physiological chemistry, and hence this treatment of disease by supplying the needed tissue-salts is called the biochemical treatment.

In the very words of Dr. Schuessler ” The inorganic substances in the blood and tissues are sufficient to heal all diseases which are curable at all. The question whether this or that disease is or is not dependent on the existence of fungi, germs or baccilli is of no importance in biochemic treatment. If the remedies are used according to the symptoms, the desired end, that of curing disease, will be gained in the shortest way. Long-standing, chronic diseases, which have been brought on by overdosing, excessive use of such medicines as quinine, mercury, etc., can be cured by minute doses of cell-salts.”