Head-itch must scratch all the time

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Head-itch must scratch all the time
Eye-left eye blind
Mouth-frothy sticky mucus like saliva,eating motion in the mouth all the time
Chest-cough,sputum,pain in, Dysponea,
Abdomen- Swollen,distended,all over,
Stool-soft,no expulsion power,remains in rectum
Urine -Scanty,frequent,drops
Sleep-poor,sleeps for only 20minutes only-Dreams of ead persons
Male-penis and testis swollen.
Extrimities-lower extrimities swollen,thighs,legs feet,weak in motion must be supported ,
Mind-loss of memmory,worried-Nasty temper

History-suffered several Road Traffic Accidents.
-1991 blocked penis,could not pass water nor perfom sex
-Leprosy in the family

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