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Dr. Jeremy Sherr proving was made from the blood of the American bald Eagle wounded at right wing and confined to cage.

She presents her symtoms in a calm manner, with little emotion, as if she is an observer. To Dr. Sherr eagle is a dichotomy of two parallel
extremes: the Upward motion-elevation and elation and grounding, spiral depression and despair plus the horror of destruction, evil forces “the
killing machine”, and the “crack on in the universe of her every day life.

Vivacious, happy, they feel stuck and hopeless a bout a situation much as the captive eagle with desire to fly away, recovering her freedom in life.
Dr. Jonathan Shore, the feather gives exactly the same sympthoms. feels an eagle as a clash between two backrounds the real every day life and her world of dreams, mixed in a vision of extrasensorial view throught her dreams. Astral dreams, a desire of spiritual change, feels as if she cannot deal with herself and does not know how to live in her body.

As all bird remedies, have excess energy, dreams, desire breeze of woods >warm weather, <11-12 hrs. Eye vision prominent, thin bone structure, feels being on top sightseeing from the top the threats of the abyss. appetitte disorders, desires freedom, fast metabolism, happy, perfectionism, vertigo. Back pains, sexual desire, itching, the idea to be on top . Mind-awareness heightened-body,of-centered in body feels. Mind abrupt, Mind cheerful, dancing laughing, singing, with Mind Clairvoyance. Mind colors - white-desire for-hair, attracted to white. Mind Company desire for-alone agg. when Mind confusion of mind-knows not where he/she is Mind delusions double-being Mind delusions floating air in, there are 463 rubrics

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