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Haematoxylon campechanum. Logwood (Central America)
Tincture made of the heart of the logwood.The characteristic of this remedy is CONSTRICTION, a
sensation as if a bar lay acroos chest like angina pectoris,
in the right side of chest with pain in the upper left side
of heart with oppression with breath problems.
Experimented by Jouve in 1839, producing
very clear symptoms like constriction in several parts
and end with a pain or colic in stomach and abdomen to
throat with oppression with colic tympanitis, borborygmi
and diarrhea, swollen and painful. Chest smarting and
burning pain < touch. Heart, convulsive pain in its region, increased by touch redoubled throbbing small pulse, with burning in hands and shivering of the body. Heart palpitations with dimished perspiration of feet. Fem: Shiny whitish leucorrhea weak feeling with painful bearing down sensation at menses. It is a sad person with desire to weep, bad temper, spitefulness, moroso disposition, dulness of mind. Head confusion heaviness and dulness with difficult thinking and expressing himself. Head burning hot. Headache as from indigestion with swelling of stomach and abdomen, anxiety inclination to vomit, sour eructations of food at night. Headache in forehead. Eyes down cast and surrounded by livid circle. Painful pressure on the eyes, with sensation of Constriction of the aperture of the eye lids, heavy feeling, redness of conjuntiva and of lachrymal. Caruncula-redness of the eye with blue margins. Sensation as if sand were introduced in eyes. Urin red scanty and burning. Back pain and chilliness between shoulders. Limbs painful and languid pain in shoulder as inflamed. In General painful sensibiity of the limbs with lassitud general uneasiness with anxiety arising from the stomach and colic. Sleep frequent yawing, irrisistibler drowsiness. Fever chiliness predominates shuddering, goose flesh. dry skin. For ILH by Beatriz H Hill

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