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Gurana-üva, Brazilian cocoa

The word guarana comes from the Guaraní word guara-ná, which has its origins in the Sateré-Maué word for the plant, warana, that in Tupi-Guarani means “fruit like the eyes of the people”. Guarana is a climbing shrub of Brazil, the seeds of which contain Caffeine, and are used by the natives for making a beverage.

In medicine it has found its principal use in conditions of nervous exhaustion; sick headache in those who have abused tea and coffee, the headache being followed by vomiting and excited by any error in diet or depression of mind. Throbbing, congestive headache after excessive use of liquor. Persistent twitching of eyelids is one of its indications. Diarrhœa.

Gaiety; extravagant behaviour.─Mental hyperæsthesia; intellectual excitement.

Sick headache in those who have abused tea and coffee, or in whom nervous headaches followed by vomiting are excited by any error in diet or depression of mind.─Throbbing, congestive headache after excessive use of alcohol.

Persistent twitching of eyelids.

Profuse, green, odourless mucous stools.─Diarrhœa of phthisis.

Spasm of bladder.

Restlessness, nervousness, weariness.─Neuralgia.─Reduced vital powers; grief; depression of spirits; loss of appetite.─Debility after prostrating diseases.─Paralysis.─Chlorosis.


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