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CONSTIPATION. Materia Medica.
Stools: Hard, knotty, with discharge of mucus and
blood. In lumps united by threads of mucus, large
and ball-shaped, long and slender in shape.
Before stool, great desire
During stool, Hard stool, with much urging and
sticking in the anus, Great straining even when
the stool is not hard, shooting pains in the anus,
discharge with white mucus.
After Stool: Prolapsus recti and haemorrhoids, as
if the rectum was paralyzed, stitching, tearing and
soreness in the rectum.
Concomitants: Burning heat in the stomach after
eating and from the least aggravation of the general
conditions, or distress after a meal, abdomen very
much distended from gases, hardness in the region
of liver. Pains in haemorrhoidal protusions. Fissures
of the anus with sharp cutting pains during stool,
followed by constriction and aching for several hours.
Worse at night. Skin dry and rough, or with
herpetic eruptions, secreting an aqueous or viscous
Hahnemann says, that when there is chronic constipation
and when a delay of several days in the appearance
of the menses gives rise to complications, we can
seldom succed in the treatment without having
recourse to this remedy.
Beatriz H Hill

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