GENIA jAMBOS- jamboa vulgaris

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GENIA jAMBOS- jamboa vulgaris
Pomarrosa-Rose Apple.
Tincture made of the seeds
Mind- Slight but long-continued drunkness, which
made him very talkative
Constant desirous of sitting alone and reflecting.
A sudden great change after micturition
every thing becomes more beautiful and brighter
before eyes, and the sky and trees more joyous and
clear but after 1/4 of an hour becomes gloomy again.
Tobacco produces a especially good taste.
much thirst, hiccough when eating,
heartburn at night
Nightly cramps in sole and feet, skin cracks between
toes and fisures between toes.
Acne rosacea, comedones, skin problems.
Beatrizhh 16-12-10

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