Formica Rufa, ant from pine

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Roberts H.A., The Rheumatic Remedies
for Rheumatic and gouty conditions, and their darting
pains rather than wandering, there is more rapid change
than we think of in wandering. indicated in old chronic
conditions with great weakness of mind and body.
Rheumatic inflammation of eyes,
Severe pains sidewise through pelvis.
Sore pain in neck and up into head. agg. from pressure.
Suddenly violent pain in left side of neck extending down
to arm agg. bending head back agg. on least motion.
pain in back, severe pain across back, affections of spinal
Pain from neck down left arm, agg. motion
Severe pain above right elbow
Pain above left elbow, rheumatic pain in right elbow
and wrist. Wandering pain suddenly leaves left arm
and goes to right, where it is agg.
Bruised pain in hips, at night in bed
lack of power in legs, with soreness.
Lancinating pain in left knee joint waking him from
sleep, rheumatic pain in knee joints, agg from walking.
Gouty pains in limbs, arthritis vaga, chronic gout with
stiffness of joints, old atonic gout, cramps in feet and
toes, cramps in soles.
Rheumatism appearing mostly in joints, with restlessness
Great prostration, faintings, liability to take cold, sweat
without relief, complaints from overlifting, restlessness,
brain feels too heavy and large.
Sensations as if a bubble burst in the forehead.
Agg. from slightest motion, from cold, at night in bed.
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill

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