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Violent burning, boring, or throbbing pains here and there. — Pain in the bones of the forearms and legs. — Increased muscular activity, without fatigue. — *Is wearied by walking, cannot well raise his legs, they feel too heavy. — Languor, also with nausea aud eructations. — Most
of the symptoms are felt in the right upper, and left lower, part of the body. — Coffee appears to increase the nervous
symptoms, wine the heat and congestions of blood.

White, painful spots on the skin, and large blisters which suppurate, or pustules, from the external application.
— Small groups of red tips, obliging one to scratch at night.
— Obstinate aneurisms. — Dry, itching, burning herpes. —
Carious ulcers. — Mercurial ulcers.

Sleepy all the time. — Sleeps until late in the day, feels stupified when waking.

Fever. —Cold feels pleasant. — Heat all over, and nausea, copious, pungent, fetid sweat.

Dissatisfied in the evening. — Imagines all sorts of things, when alone, especially against well-known persons. — Apprehensive;of danger, or of something frightful. — Not disposed to study, but well able to attend to practical business.

Wavering sensation in the head. — Painful rush of blood to the head, when first commencing to move. — Heaviness above the eyes, with nausea. — Sensation as if some foreign body were contained in the left parietal bone. — Head- ache shifting about from spot to spot, with apprehension of
danger. — “Falling off of the hair. — °Caries of the mastoid process.

Raised red spot above the brows.— Sensation as if the the eyes were opened by force, and as if a fresh wind were blowing upon them. — ° Fistula lachrymalis of the left eye, with thick, white crusts, discharge of humour and periodical itching.

Painful chronic soreness of the left nostril. — Pimple on the dorsum of the nose, with a broad inflamed areola.

Hot face after much talking. — Pain in the facial bones, as if something pointed were stirring about in them. —
Pain from the right eye to the upper jaw. —
Herpetic eruptions and^crusts in the faces of children.

Hot feeling in the teeth, especially in the cuspid and incisors. — Dull teeth. — The teeth are so painful that one is unable to chew. — The incisors feel sharp as if broken.

Painful ulcer in the mouth, in the corner, between the upper and lower jaw, very sensitive when eating. — Sensation, during a walk in the open air, as if the posterior nares were wide open. — Constriction in the throat, with pressure and burning in the stomach, eructation, and inclination to vomit. — Difficult deglutition.

Taste of ink, as if proceeding from a tooth. — Desire for piquant things, also for coffee.

Sour eructations, with heartburn. — Flat, fetid, eructations,with inclination to vomit.

Aching or pinching pains in the left side of the abdomen, also in the spleen. — Throbbing when touching the chest and abdomen. — Fetid flatulence.

Diarrhoeic stool, every morning, after coffee, with tenesmus and protrusion of the rectum, in patients affected with piles. — °Nocturnal diarrhoea, with flow of saliva, pain in stomach, flatulence.

Pungent smell of the urine.

Stitching and pulling from the right testicle to the abdominal ring.

Menses delaying and more copious than usual, with thick, coagulated blood. — Yellowish corrosive leucorrhoea, with soreness and burning of the parts. — Chronic metrorrhagia, with asthmatic complaints.

Soreness in the throat, down to the larynx. — Hawks up bloody mucus.

Arrest of breathing, as from a foreign body, in the upper part of the chest and throat-pit.— Restlessness and trembling of the heart. — One of the breasts is red, swollen, itching.

Spasms in the cervical muscles. — Pain in the back, deep-seated, below the scapula.

Pains in the bones of the arm, shifting from the right to the left. — The hands feel weak and numb. — Bone-pains, pain as if sprained, prickling and beating in the fingers, as after contusion. — “Skin of the hands dry, brittle, especially after washing.

Pain, and bruising pain in the left hip, especially when rising. — The limbs are disposed to go to sleep. — Laming pain in the tarsal joints. — ° Ulcers around the ankles.

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