Flower Essences in the treatment of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

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Flower Essences in the treatment of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

"This form of Diabetes is marked by a decrease in insulin production by the beta-cells, that are located in the pancreatic islets. Insulin is crucial to the process of the way the body utilizes energy. If the body is not properly utilizing its cellular energy it can lead to lack. In a state of lack, this can manifest as fatigue, exhaustion, weakness, lack of incentive. In the psychological realm, patients with this type of diabetes are often found to be caught in a state of restlessness and anxiety, yet they long for peace and freedom.

In the case of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes coming from a homeopathic standpoint of view; one may consider the following Flower Essences to assist in treating the core underlying emotional component to the disease.

Agrimony- for those who with a tendency to avoid vital needs for the sake of keeping the peace.

Century- For those who go beyond the normal call, to assist others to a point of weakness.

Elm- For those who are overwhelmed and taxed

Mimulus- To relieve fears and anxieties

For those with growing hostility, one may consider Holly to assist in healing heightened sensitivity, and Willow will assist in in countering any growing resentments.

Homeopathic Remedies to consider and compliment the combination of Flower Essences listed above:
Arsenicum Album
Phosphoricum Acidum
Plumbum Metalicum
Uranium Nitricum

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