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Used from the time of Galen and Dioscorides for the power
of causing sterility and abortion.
Clinical use for bloated abdomen, abortion, blindness, sterility and TAPEWORM,
Allen used it in a woman suffering from bloadded abdomen
severe prolapse of vagina and tenesmus of bladder with
copious and frequent emission of urine with intense pain.
Hering write that the best time to give the drug for expulsion of tapeworm is in the summer.
Blindness and atrophy of the optic nerve
CS Spencer used oil of male fern or filix max for tapeworm
“feeling of nausea, abdomen became painfully distended with colicky pains”.
The remedy has aggravation after eating, < sweets Mentally the patitnt is irritable and cross, confused, with stupor and in worse stages in comma to to worms. Blindness, first mydriasis and amaurosis with normal fundus eight days later, atrophy of optic nerve, with immobility of the pupil, and after violent vomiting the blindness occurs getting a soporific condition lasting thirty hours and recovering vision after 48 hours getting perseption of light first in left eye then the right one. Gnawing and boring in bowels agg by sweets. all the tapeworm symptoms with violent vomiting, especially with constipation and colic and great feeling of weakness, cramp-like feelings in hands and feets, sommnolent with spasmodic symptons, ending in death Beatriz H Hill

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