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Ferula has been proved, but I am not aware of any clinical experience with it.

Heat and burning are produced in most parts, and sensations of coldness in others. Stiffness and constriction were also prominent. Violent sexual excitement in women. A cough was complained of, less in damp or cold weather.


Aversion to society; to work.─Sadness; inclination to weep.─Impatience; anger.

Burning in head.─Icy coldness in occiput during day.─Lancinations, pricking, pulling pains in occiput.

Burning, pricking, itching of eyelids.

Redness of nose; sensitive to touch.─Scabs in nose, with smarting and itching.

Aphthæ; heat in mouth; sensation in tongue as if burnt.

Scratching, burning, lancinations; difficulty of swallowing.

Decreased appetite; urgent thirst.─Bitter eructations.─Spitting up of bile.─Slow digestion, with bitter eructations.─Heat and cutting pains in stomach; less after eating.

Lancinating, pulling in r. hypochondrium.─Inflation and tension of abdomen.─Colic before and during stool.─Constant burning in abdomen.─Heat and weight in hypogastrium.

Hæmorrhoids, with itching, burning, lancinating, and prickings at anus.─Diarrhœa day and night, but worse by day; stools light-yellow and watery, with smarting and burning at anus.

Diminished urine.

Menses several days early, more profuse, thin or thick, with heat and itching of vulva.─Violent sexual excitement (in females only).

Difficult breathing.─Fetid breath.─Cough dry or loose, less in damp or cold weather, with thick yellow expectoration.

Constriction and heat at heart; beats stronger.

Stiff-neck.─Pricking and lancinating at nape.

Stiffness of arms; difficulty in bending them.

Numbness of thighs.─Cold feeling along sciatic nerves; felt soon after rising up.─Lancination along nerves of thighs and legs.

Redness and subcutaneous swelling.─Small red pimples and incessant itching.─Red pimples with white tips in beard and whiskers.─Pricking and violent itching in many parts, less at night.

Sleepy in day; sleepless; restless; starting from sleep at night.

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