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Iron is a chemical element with the symbol Fe (from Latin: ferrum)
AllenHC. Keynotes and Characteristics.
Persons of sanguine temperament, pettish, quarrelsome,
disputative, easily excited, least contradiction angers.
Irritability, crackling of paper drives him to despair.
Women who are weak, delicate, chlorotic, yet have a
fiery red face, headaches hammering and beating pulsating
causing the patient to lie down with aversion to eat or
drink because digestive organs suffer and may be great
hunger or loss of appetite, with dislike for food, vomiting
of everything as soon present. relieved by walking slowly,
but the great weakness causes him to lie down soon.
VERTIGO with balancing sensation, as if in water, when
walking over water, as when crossing a bridge on descending
Blackwood. AL. Diseases of the Heart. for Chronic fibroid
endocarditis, Palpitations of heart adapted to anemic patients.
the face changes colour frequently and is red at the
beginning of an attack. These patients are often tubercular,
are easily excited, and if females, the menses are scanty
uterine catarrh is present.
Senile Heart, in anemic cases. Glonine is called for when
anginal pains are frequent and the pulse of a high tension.
Also in Cerebral anemia, dependent upon hydraemia, as
shown by the great pallor of the face, lips and buccal
mucous membrane. There is bellows-sounds of the heart
the muscles flabby and weak with beating headache.
Slight exertion produces shortness of breath and exhaustion.
Indicated in Anemia under the mask of plethora, face ash
pale or greenish color with pain and becomes a fiery RED.
Vertigo ringing in the ears.
Useful in anemic females with profuse menstruation,
menses too frequent and last too long. itching pruritus of
the vulva in delicate, weakly women, with watery and
milky leucorrhea, smarting and corroding.
Indicated in Tuberculosis of the young, florid subjects,
with a tendency to congestion of the blood to the lungs
and hemoptysis, with palpitations of the heart and flying
pains through the chest.
Intermittent fever when quinine has been abused, with
anemia, with peudo-plethora.
Enlarged spleen, with head congestion and vomit
Patient sweats easily, especially at night during sleep or
being covered. Rheumatism of the left deltoid muscle
worse at night and motion diminishes the pain.
Hemorrhagic diathesis, blood bright red coagulates easily.

Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill

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