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THE EYEBRIGHT. Healing virtues in diseases of the eye.
Dunham C., Lectures on Materia Medica writes
a remedy of prime importance in measles whenever the
eye-symptoms are strongly pronounced as well as in the
ophthalmia, and is a valuable remedy in simple and
nasal and bronchial catarrh
Epps J, Domestic Treatment, Rules treatment of the Maladies
of infants, children and adults. writes

Euphrasia for inflammation and ulceration of the eyelids, ulcers
of the cornea, abundant flow of corrosive tears, violent coriza.
inflammation of the eyes. Euphrasia acts on mucous
membranes especially the conjunctiva and the nasal
mucous membrane. blepharitis, also inflammation, puffed
inner eyelids, dark red, with thick discharge, excoriating.
profuse tears excoriate the cheeks. Marked photophobia,
cannot bear sunlight, but worse is artificial light. < sunlight
Hahnemann says that it was not without reason that
this plant received the name it bears, “and that it has fallen
into unmerited disuse in the present days
Hahnemann- Vessels in the sclerotic run close up to the cornea.
Painful aching in the left inner acanthus
pain in stomach and profuse, irritating overflowing of tears
Foffocative cough, as in whooping cough, with profuse
lachrymation and fluent coryza
Hahnemman monthly writes ocular vertigo from paralysis
of the ocular muscles, especially when caused by taking
cold, associated with coryza, blurring of the eyes
relieved by winking.
Kent J. Tyler, write Euphrasia is a short acting remedy of
great usefulness in acute catarrhal affections with or without fever.
It has cured Pannus, amblyopia with inflammation of
conjunctiva and lids, opacity of the cornea after injured
Knerr. CB. Antidote: Camphora and pulsatilla
Ars, chinch, hep., iod.,ip., merc., to prussic acid, tea,
beer and alcoholic drinks.
Compatible with Acon, calc, con, nux-v, PHOS, puls.
rhust’t, sep, sil, SULPH.
similar to Aeth, apis, arg-n, ars, all-c, hep, kalib, laki-i,
merc-c puls.
worse evening, agg smoking, sitting, rising on morning cough,
smoke of wood (dyspnoea) sough winds, moisture.
Beatriz H Hill.

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