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The Malabar plum-tree.

Like Eucalyptus, Eugenia causes a condition of drunkenness.

It makes the prover very talkative but indolent. The most characteristic symptom of the proving is: “> after urination.” Sudden great change in him after micturition. Everything seems more beautiful and bright, sky and trees more joyous and clear; but after a quarter of an hour everything became gloomy again. There are many symptoms relating to the eyes and vision: whirling in head while sitting; houses at a distance seem to turn bottom upwards.
Darkness and double vision; on looking intently double vision disappears. Whirling before right eye as if it would become dark; eye becomes inflamed. It seems as though fire came out of eyes, and tears ran out in streams in evening and night. < By sun; causes eyes to fill with water. < By closing eyes; it makes the burning worse, prevents sleeping at night. Nausea > by smoking. Pain in small of back and calves. Aching in sacrum and knees. Sticking pain in back as if something were sticking in spine, > by bending back.

Among the peculiar sensations are: Headache as if a heavy board were lying on right side.
Sensation as of cramp in orifice of stomach;
as if a ten-pound weight were hanging on rectum, and
as if everything below would fall out. An old wound from a thrust became painful again.

Rheumatic pain wanders from place to place with catarrh. Open air: much exhaustion, yawning whilst walking in morning. Cold water does not > burning in eyes. Skin disease is < during catamenia.

The most complaints appear in the evening and at night. — Firm profound sleep; at noon, as if drunken, with confused dreams.
Coldness, as from nakedness. — Hot hands. — Morning -sweats, with thirst.

Catarrhal fever, with burning in the eyes, thirst during chills, and heat before midnight, with inflammatory affection in the trachea, the throat and eyes, exacerbated at night.

Disliking company. — No position being right.

Intoxication, with loquacity and sluggishness. — Giddiness, with congestion of blood to the head; objects appear inverted, or wavering in confusion, or double, which disappears when looking intently.

Pressing jamming headache, with a fluctuating contraction.— In the evening, rolling and burning in the head, through the eyes, with running eyes, nausea, and vomiting, with a bitter after-taste, by which the headache is increased.

Headache at night , with burning in the eyes, thirst , and much urinating. The eyes inflamed, with a wavering sight, burning, biting and running.

Frothy saliva, particularly before dinner, when speaking. — Viscous saliva, particularly after sleep.

Meals, drinking and smoking tobacco, particularly relishing. — Thirst, at night, with dryness deep in the throat. — Nausea rising from the stomach.

Stinging in the left side, below the ribs and above the hip-bone. — Coldness and burning in the abdomen.

Frequent small purging stools, with pressing afterwards. — Bubbling, stinking stools, without urging, with burning in the abdomen. — Small soft or intermittent stool. — Constipation. — Hard stools, succeeded by cramp in the anus. — Jamming in the rectum.

Dark urine. — After urinating, shivering, or brightness and clearness before the eyes.

Painful erections, with itching. — The emission of semen too late or too early. — After coition, the glans very tender, perspiration, thirst.

Cough, from hawking or swallowing; alter coughing, he is obliged to swallow; dryness in the throat. — Moist, deep cough, the phlegm does not come up. — When hawking, yellow-bloody slime is drawn up.

Neck and back stiff. — Disabling cramps in the shins and soles. — Spasm in the soles, at night.

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