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ROUND LIVED SUNDEW, Hahnemann said in Materia medica Pura,
One dose of 30C is enough to cure completely an epidemy of wooping
cough, the cure takes place within 7-8 days Never repet a second dose inmediately, not only will avoid the good effect of the first dose, but
will be dangerous.
Whooping-cough with violent paroxysms which follow each other
rapidly, is scarcely able to get breath (wakes at 6-7 A.M. and does
not cease coughing until a large quantity of tenacious mucus is
raised, Coc. c
profuse epistaxis during every paroxysm, Ind.; “minute gun” during
the day, whooping at night, Cor. r.).
Deep sounding, hoarse barking cough (Verb.), < after midnight, during or after measles; spasmodic, with gagging, retching and vomiting (Bry., Kali c). Constant, titillating cough in children, begins as soon as head touches pillow at night (Bell., Hyos., Rum.). Nocturnal cough of young persons in phthisis; bloody or purulent sputa. Cough: < by warmth, drinking, singing, laughing, weeping, lying down, AFTER MIDNIGHT. During cough; vomiting of water, mucus, epistaxis, exciting cough. Sensation of feather in larynx, Diseases prevailing during epidemic pertussis. clergyman's sore throat; with rough, scraping, dry sensation deep in the fauces; voice hoarse, deep, toneless, cracked, requires exertion to speak (Arum). Constriction and crawling in larynx; hoarseness, and yellow or green sputa: Laryngeal phthisis following, whooping-cough (bronchial catarrh following, Coc. c). Relations Complementary: to, Nux vomica. Follows well: after Samb., Sulph., Ver. M.M. Allen, and George Vithoulkas M. M. Viva. Beatriz H Hill -

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