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Narasimhamurtik.L., Handbook of M. M. and Therapeutics
in Homeopathy writes. for WHOOPING cough. Hahnemann
writes ” A single such dose of Drosera is quite sufficient
for the homeopathic cure of epidemic whooping cough
The cure takes place with certainty in 7 or 9 days.
under a non-medicinal diet. Care should be taken not to
give a second dose, (or any other medicine) immediately
after the first, dose for that would inevitably not only
prevent the good result, but do serious injury.
Raue C.G. Diseases for Children writes
Cough occurring in paroxysms in the afternoon, spasmodic
and attended with bloody or purulent expectoration.
Bronchitis of the aged, severe paroxysms of cough and free
Samuel Keynotes. Paroxysmal cough, with epistaxis.
Asthma agg. talking.
hoarseness, cough agg. by lying as soon as head
touches pillow, must hold sides with cough followed by
retching, vomiting, cold sweat, cyanosis agg after midnight.
chilliness with hot face even in bed
tickling like feather or crumb in larynx
fingers spasmodically contracted when grasping anything
Ailments after measles.
Drosera similar to Cuprum but without convulsions.
Drosera has pain in the left side of the chest, in the region
on the fifth and sixth rib, as if a blunt knife were thrust in.
Dull stitch from within outward in the left loin, close above
the hips, at every inspiration.
Drosera easily angered, a trifle makes him beside himself.
fears being alone and is suspicious of his friends,
restlessness, which does not allow prolonged attention
to the same object.
Anxiety respecting the future, anxiety, evenings in solitude
with fear of ghosts. Discouragement.
Great mistrust, delusions of persecution, imagines he
was being deceived by spiteful envious people, Inclination
to drown oneself, pertinacity in executing resolutions
Colic after taking acids, sour foods,
For frequent vanishing of sight, especially when reading, the
letters look pale and blurred, photo phobia, the eyes are
dazzled by the light or by the glare of fire, they are very
dry, tho nose is dry and stopped up, stitches in the eyes.
by Beatriz Hernandez Hill


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