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My professional journey that started as a homeopath took me to various roads as i continued growing personally as well as professionally. Besides a classical homeopath that i am practicing since past 15 years, i am also an Editor , Publisher [have published 4 books on homeopathy by my husband Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, of which one i have co-authored] book artist, yoga consultant and whole plant food consultant.

How did you get interested in Homeopathy
It was more a fortunate life changing accident that i came into Homeopathy. It was my grandmother who wished me to become a doctor, my sentimental father who took his mother’s wish rather too seriously and my percentage in 12th that made me eligible for Homeopathy and not for Allopathic science – so thats how ended up in Homeopathic college in my unaware state of consciousness abt depth and riches of this science which i discovered after bumping on it. and since than..i have never looked back. in my understanding and experience, Homeopathy is a wast ocean with tremendous riches and treasures to discover and unearth, that has deep potential to help person heal from inside out.

Where did you study.
I studied at C.M.P.H medical college, Mumbai

Who made the most impact on you as a homeopath

Well, there are many who helped me learn deep, grow deep as i dived into this ocean. However, if i have to name a few, that would be Dr. Rajan Sankaran whose Sensation method helped me know how deep layered a human is and what journey we need to make in each patient to bring deeper healing changes as various depths. second who made impact on me would be Dr. Dinesh Chauhan (My husband) and his Case Witnessing Process – this method gave me a tool to journey various layers in a patient to reach deepest most vital force with absolute clarity, conviction and ease. The Case witnessing process made me a good listener and helped me become a wonderful recipient of all the issues that troubled my patients …that helped immensely in the process to uncover the root cause of their [patient’s] disease..i.e.vital core. The Sensation method and Case witnessing Process helped me a lot in bringing about deeper healing results for my patients.

How would you like to see homeopathy grow?

What i desire at present state has a lot to do with what i have learnt and experienced so far as a healer and homeopath.In my 15 years of practice, i have learned [and as we all know] that the root of our disease lie deep much beyond our conscious layer …[vital core/vital energy ] where consciously we have no control to change/alter … Homepathy has a subtle art and power that helps to reach that root layer and bring and initiate healing change there. That then helps heal at all the layers including mind and physical body. But thats not all. The life style that we live today and the food that we are exposed to has a lot of influence not only as causative factor for various diseases but also maintaining factor for them and that needs to be looked at as well. As Dr. Hahnemann beautifully brings forth in his APHORISM 94,
““While inquiring into the state of chronic disease, the particular circumstances of the patient with regard to his ordinary occupations, his usual mode of living and diet, his domestic situation, and so forth, must be well considered and scrutinized, to ascertain what there is in them that may tend to produce or to maintain disease, in order that by their removal the recovery may by prompted.1”

so, i feel, homeopathy and homeopath needs to increase their scope and canvas of understanding with respect to the definition of Whole and consider guiding their patients accordingly in order to bring wholistic healing possibilities. – that what i feel homeopath and homeopathy should grow next to…
To me- whole does not end in Whole as an individual, his body-mind-spirit , i believe, whole also incorporates the Environment-that provides us with Air we breath, sunlight we take in and food and water that we eat and drink- and we must help people realize importance of taking care of all these elements in order to not only regain health, but sustain wholistic (our health plus that of our environment) health on long run. If a person wishes to enjoy wholesome health, he needs to understand his link with environment around him, impact of his action on the health of environment around him , impact of food and life style choices he makes because these are the cardinal elements upon which he is dependent to source his living and functioning fuel.
So, that is where i wish to see homeopath and homeopathy grow.
and that the reason and objective behind bringing in Swasthya Udaan as a sister branch to our homeopathic center swasthya Homeopathic healing. The main ojective of Swasthya Udaan is to to help people take their health in their hands through Homeopathy, whole plant based food and wholesome mindful living that looks after both- ones Inner as well as outer self / Nature (The Envirnment).

Here is where you can know more abt me and my contributions in homeopathy and otherwise so far:

The books and DVD published by us (Philosia publications) and for sale:

The book i co-author along with Dr. Dinesh:
From Treating to transforming, Choose Homeopathy: a designer’s approach for your child


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